Handcrafted in Beautiful, Whistler BC Canada🇨🇦 Certified Vegan, Certified Cruelty Free and All Natural! Over $50 Free shipping worldwide!
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About Whistler's Lips

 Whistler's Lips Lip Balms were created out of necessity, the cold and dry winters we have out here in Whistler and high up in the alpine sure take a toll on everyones' lips, especially the kids!  The premium quality of our product has proved that it can protect your lips from the harshest conditions and leave them feeling silky smooth. Utilizing all natural, Non-GMO, Organic, Vegan, natural spf containing, and Animal Cruelty Free ingredients, our lip balms are made so that all ages from newborns to the elderly can enjoy the burst of fun flavours Whistler's Lips has to offer! On top of being certified Vegan, Our hand poured Whistler made premium product have received awards for adopting the corporate standard for the Compassion for Animals Award, and Humane society of Canada award. Whistler's Lips lip balms are also a wonderful gift during all 4 seasons of the year and are available at fine grocery stores and gift shops in the Whistler area. We thank you for choosing Whistler's Lips!